Doing what we love means following our hearts. The food we grow is free of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, drugs and hormones, and instead, full of deep nutrition. Our ideal is quality over quantity and the creatures we raise have more minerals and vitamins that can only come from growing  slowly with a biologically appropriate diet, fresh air, clean water, and sun filled mornings on pasture and shady afternoons in the woods. To find out more about how we manage our animals check out the “ABOUT THE FARM” page. 

We aim to contribute to the ecological regeneration of the land we steward. We want to leave this community and this world a better place for our children. So, we opt to use wood, metal, and glass over anything plastic whenever possible. You’ll see lots of old fashioned wooden pens and housing around here. We do use technology when it supports ideal living conditions for our animals. So you will also see a few solar panels and electric netting to optimize rotational grazing. We research everything to keep our farmstead as environmentally friendly as possible. Along with respectful land management, we want to open the farm to our community and provide relaxed experiences with animals, in meadows, and the old forest. If you’re interested, look out for our future events, workshops, festivals, and children’s programs on the “COMMUNITY” Page.

We want to be your farmers and for you to be our people. When we started this farm we decided to grow what we wanted to buy when we lived in the suburbs of Atlanta. Namely- organically fed meat, raised on pasture, in a holistic way that was local. We wanted to see how our food was raised and we are now happy to invite  you to come see how your food is grown. Find out more about seeing the farmsteads, schedule your day on the “VISIT” Page. 

I’m pleased with what we have accomplished since our start in 2018. We truly have something special and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We love this life and look forward to sharing it with you.